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Department Of  Information Technology 

College of Information Technology 


The Associate of Science Degree (A.Sc) in Information Technology is being offered under a theoretical and more practical learning environment. This degree brings together both technical expertise with problem-solving and communication skills that assist in planning, configuring, implementing, integrating and maintaining the computing and information technology solutions for any organization's computing infrastructure. Students will be exposed to core concentration areas in information technology such as networking system, cyber security, software application development, etc.


It will also develop their strengths in all aspects of information technology via a challenge-based learning approach. In addition, the program will assist the students on how to achieve industry certification such as A+, Microsoft certification, Cisco certification, etc. that will strengthen the students’ credentials and competencies in the field of information technology. This Is a two-year degree granting program with a strong foundation in both theory and practical in the IT industry.

Admission Requirements 

General Admission Requirements for Associate Degree/B.Sc  

  1. Prerequisites for Admission:

  2. Passing the Screening Test administered by the University

  3. Having passed the WAEC examinations

  4. Presenting his/her high school diploma and transcript

  5. Presenting two letters of recommendation (one from applicants principal and the other from his/her clergyman/community leader)

  6. Submitting a medical/health certificate from a recognized hospital/clinic

  7. Sitting an interview after passing the entrance examination

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Department of Information Technology 




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